Enrico Casarosa is a storyboard artist for Pixar. He is also a character designer and comics artist. You can browse through his portfolio which includes sketches, character designs, backgrounds, storyboards, figure drawing and comics. He has a webcomic called Haiku 5-7-5.

At one point, after a “pubcrawl” with some friends, he got a notion put together his sketching stuff and devote a day to a “SketchCrawl”, spending the day wandering around San Francisco sketching until he ran out of day. (Here’s his description of coming up with the idea.) The results of his day of sketching are posted here.

He liked the experience so much he repeated it and collected the drawings as a book. He then expanded the idea to organized “Worldwide SketchCrawls”, inviting other artists to join in on a particular day and “sketch till you crawl”. He created a site devoted to the SketchCrawls that features bulletin boards for discussing the events and planning new ones. What a great idea.

Enrico also has a new blog, often devoted to the SketchCrawls.

Michel Gagné

Michel Gagne
Michel Gagne has been a concept artist for films like “The Iron Giant” and the “Star Wars: Clone Wars” animated series. He has also illustrated children’s books, written and drawn comics, done artwork in various mediums including sculpture, designed toys and created animated shorts in Flash. Best of all, though, he draws wonderfully twisted creatures.

The site has a large gallery selection (even if the images themselves are somewhat small) that gives a good cross-section of his work. Click through the rest of the site, there’s lots of stuff that’s not immediately available in the main navigation.

For example, there is a full (if small) reproduction of Inner Sanctum, his beautiful 17 page story for the Flight 2 anthology.

Flesk Publications

Franklin Booth
Flesk is a small publishing house that has issued wonderful collections of work from two of the best pen and ink illustrators in history: Joseph Clement Coll and Franklin Booth. Both are extraordinary in their own way.

The site contains small galleries of both artists’ work. The work is reproduced at a smaller size than you might like, but consider it a taste. If you like pen and ink drawing but are not familiar with these two artists, you owe it to yourself to check them out.

Flesk is also publishing collections from contemporary comics artists Mark Schultz and Steve Rude.

Check both the Galleries and the Publications sections for reproductions of the art.


Kazu Kibuishi’s charming, wistful, and deceptively simple series of single page web comics. A boy an his (talking) dog drift through various settings, real or imagined, while musing on a variety of thoughts. Sort of Calvin and Hobbes meet Little Nemo, with emphasis on the latter. The strips are beautifully drawn and colored. Read one of the recent ones to see how beautiful they are, then scroll to the bottom and read them all from the earliest. When you’re done and dying for more, explore the rest of the Bolt City site.

There is also a copper strip on the preview for Flight Comics.

Ryan Church

Ryan Church
Ryan Church is a Senior Art Director at ILM and was a Concept Design Supervisor for Star Wars Episode 2 and Episode 3. There are lots of eye-candy concept pieces for those movies on the site. As good as his professional concept art is (and it is very good indeed), many of my favorites here are from his “Personal” gallery. For those into digital painting, check out the FAQ, in which he describes many of his digital tools and even offers some of his Painter brushes for download.