Michel Gagné

Michel Gagne
Michel Gagne has been a concept artist for films like “The Iron Giant” and the “Star Wars: Clone Wars” animated series. He has also illustrated children’s books, written and drawn comics, done artwork in various mediums including sculpture, designed toys and created animated shorts in Flash. Best of all, though, he draws wonderfully twisted creatures.

The site has a large gallery selection (even if the images themselves are somewhat small) that gives a good cross-section of his work. Click through the rest of the site, there’s lots of stuff that’s not immediately available in the main navigation.

For example, there is a full (if small) reproduction of Inner Sanctum, his beautiful 17 page story for the Flight 2 anthology.

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  1. Now, Michael, I have been aware of your work about over a year ago,and upon first sighting of your style of drawing it resonates with me (I admire many, to say the least, illustrators and artists), and I finally got a chance to see one of your earlier animation projects. That along with “Iron Giant” (which, I feel is a movie that has been ‘slept on’) is the type of animated movie(a.m.) that was/is going in the right direction, esp. for the genre I love, science fiction, no musicals, for starters. I am wondering if, ultimately, you will attempt to create a feature animation? I, myself, am quite busy working on my manuscript and drawing concepts for MY own ideas. Perhaps, when I am, at last, ready, I will have the opportunity to meet with you and speak on the subject of animation. For, I am quite disappointed in what is not being produced here in America. Keep up your great work!

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