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Julian Beever

Julian Beever
Julian Beever is probably the best known practitioner of “Pavement Art”, highly rendered drawings on city sidewalks. Some of them are portraits or reproductions of old masters, but the most interesting are anamorphic distortions that, when viewed from a certain angle, give a striking illusion of 3 dimensionality. The technique is reminiscent of the old master trick of creating apparently distorted paintings that only assume proper appearance when viewed in the curved surface of a reflective vase or bowl.


26 responses to “Julian Beever”

  1. Aita Evan Avatar

    I want Julian Beever in Italy!!! He’s a God of Arts!

  2. Nancy Fox Avatar

    Your work in oil is wonderful. Can I afford any of it is the question? Do you have a price list, Thanks Nancy

  3. Nancy, you should contact Julian directly using the email address on his contact page.

  4. anish dev s Avatar
    anish dev s

    really incredible

  5. Also see my more recent post on Kurt Wenner, the other major proponent of illusionistic street art.

  6. Can you please give me an email address to contact Julian. I would like to hire him and want to know his fees.


  7. Simon, You’ll find an email link at the bottom of the Home page on Beever’s site, as well as on his Contact page.

  8. Hello!

    I work in Sweden with events, and I would so much like to work with Julian. I have tried all the links above to reach him, but the page is not working and so I need his e-mail adress. Please dear Sir, is it possible to e-mail me instead. I have really tried everywere to get his contacts on the Internet.

    Best Regards from lovely Sweden

  9. Karin,

    Unfortunately, I have not kept Julian’s email address on record. The best I can say is that his site has gone offline before, only to reappear later. My suggestion is to bookmark it and check it over the next several days (or more) to see if it comes back.

  10. Hi there, I am from Malaysia doing events over here. I would greatly appreciate it if i can have Julian’s contact or email for my future events and outdoor marketing ads.


  11. Julian Beever’s contact email can be found on this page of his site:

    I don’t like to post someone’s email on the blog in a way that would allow spam spiders to pick it up. As of this writing it is: julian.beever[at] (substitute the @ sign for [at]).

  12. Hi!
    I am trying to contact Julian Beever for over a year now, but I haven’t been successfull yet! His e-mail doesn’t work, so I like to call him. Does anyone has a telephone number for me? That would be great! Thanks!

  13. michelle Avatar

    did anyone ever find a phone number for him? i’d appreciate it. thanks!

  14. I too have been trying to contact Julien. Does anyone have a contact number, or could they at least tell me if he does ‘corporate event’ work, so I know whether to keep trying or to give up? Thank you.

  15. kayly Avatar



    its soo….

    im speechless.


    thats one big bottle of coke

  16. Jessica Avatar

    OMG that is amazing

  17. Vitor Peixeiro Avatar
    Vitor Peixeiro

    Congratulations on your work!!

    I love it!

    I´ve seen the batman and Robin painting on the ground, It´s AMAZING!

    I´d love to see this kind of work live:)

  18. This is outstanding it look so real what incredible detail this is the best art ive seen in ages

  19. Chris Burnett Avatar
    Chris Burnett

    Wow man, you really have a bright sence of color and drawing! You’r work is byfar the best i have ever seen, I hope one day i can become a grate artest like yourself.

  20. That is crazy. You are awsome man. Is there anyway I can contact you?

  21. hi julian…
    u’re a genius.. very just wondering where are u now, wat are u doing now?

    you’re so great…
    how i wish i can see ur works

  22. Mansur Avatar

    Wow, amazing pictures anyway the best pic is the coke bottle, it looks proper 3-D.


  23. marvelous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what do you use to draw the pictures?
    chalk or pastels

  24. Greer Chapin Avatar
    Greer Chapin

    Would like a schedule of Julian Beemer’s concrete chalk drawing shows from 9/2010 through 2012, especially in New York City. So many people ask!!! Thank you for interest in helping gain this information!

    Greer Chapin

  25. I am a aspiring student with too much money, how much does Mr. Beever charge for his work?