Lines and Colors art blog

Month: September 2005

  • Kevin Nowlan

    Lots of good-sized reproductions of Superman, Batman and Jack B. Quick art by this superb comics draughtsman. Click into Original Art for Sale to see some full pages of his inks over others’ pencils.  

  • William Whitaker

    William Whitaker ia s contemporary American realist who paints mostly portraits and full length figures of women in a refined painterly technique. The paintings are sometimes accompanied by nice detail images. The galleries are somewhat awkwardly arranged but it’s worth clicking around. The Retrospective Galleries are kind of tucked away and they contain 50 works.…

  • Bill Mauldin

    My father was a WWII veteran and when I was growing up there was always a copy of Up Front on the bookshelf. Bill Mauldin’s terrific cartoons about “Willie n’ Joe” tell about life in wartime from a footsoldier’s point of view. They weren’t pro-war or anti-war, they were just about life as it was…

  • James Clyne

    Speaking of War of the Worlds (this time referring to the recent movie), James Clyne was a concept artist for that film and many others, including Galaxy Quest, Minority Report, and Tron 2.0. His gallery includes his concept paintings for many of the films, arranged by film title.

  • War of the Worlds webcomic

    Dark Horse Comics is publishing this webcomic adaptation of the H.G. Wells’ novel (not the recent movie), by Ian Edginton and an artist who goes by the name of D’Israeli. The art (particuarly the color) is wonderful. Dark horse publishes a new page on Fridays. Edginton and D’Isreali also created Kingdom of the Wicked and…

  • Dylan Cole

    Dylan Cole has done matte paintings for The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Lord of the Rings – Return of the King, Riddick, Daredevil and others. He is also a conceptual artist. He does some traditional painting but works mostly digitally. The “Matte Painting” section of his galleries contains some of his professional work…