Sargent in Venice (J.S.S. Virtual Gallery)

Sargent - Scuola di San Rocco
I recently returned from my first visit to Venice(!), dazzled and eager to revisit Sargent’s watercolors of that amazing city. I had the chance to see several of them at the Sargent show in D.C a few years ago, and I’ve admired them in books for years, but it’s different after having been there.

This is not a site devoted to Sargent in Venice (although that would make a great theme for a site). Instead, I’ve pulled some links out of the John Singer Sargent Virtual Gallery. This site is a great reference, even if it isn’t arranged as well as I would like.

Here are some links to images of the Grand Canal, some side canals, and a wonderful map of Venice, in which you can click on dots to bring up images from that spot, red for paintings by Sargent, blue for photos from the same area. This is how I found the image of Scuola di San Rocco shown above.

The link below is to a Venice overview page, but it’s still not that easy to find all of the Venice images from there.

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  1. Wow, this painting is beautiful! Love the way he’s treated the architecture! It’s so hard to know when to stop, while painting buildings. Especially in watercolor, the final result often gets better the more quick, wet and sloppy you’ve been. Still I must fight the urge to do every line perfectly straight and windows in perfect rows etc. Which, in the end, kills the painting!

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