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Architectural presentation art is a form often roundly ignored in art circles, even by those interested in illustration and concept art. Granted, much of it is formulaic, but there are masters here as in other genres of art. Tom Schaller is a case in point. Some of the art on this site is formal architectural presentation art, some is fanciful “imaginary architecture” and some is the equivalent of travel paintings of locations in Prague and elsewhere. All of the images are masterful watercolor renderings.

Shown above is a formal presntation for a building near one of my favorite public spaces, Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. (I don’t intend for this to be a sketchblog, but here are some of my own sketches from the square.)

Schaller is the author of Architecture in Watercolor (McGraw-Hill), and The art of Architectural Drawing / Imagination and Technique (VNR / J Wiley).


7 responses to “T W Schaller”

  1. HI–I have a dark painting of a 19th century european street scene (buildings only)signed by W. Schaller. Is this any relation to you?

  2. Steve,

    Send me a scan of the image you have and I’ll see if I can ID it.



  3. I contacted you years ago, when your books were first being published, and we communicated a bit about how to get our sketches onto the watercolour paper easier? ring a bell? If not,thats ok. Just wondering, if you have been able to get any of your work printed so those of us that do appreciate good architectural renderings may have one (some). Hey, if FLW can do it, why not TWS?

  4. Terry,

    I wouldn’t count on Thomas Schaller seeing your comment here. You should go to his website and look for contact information.

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  6. Alida Avatar

    I see that someone asked you about an older European painting by W. Schaller? I was wondering if you had any information. I have a painting,,,