Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Rad Sechrist

Rad Sechrist
I don’t know much about Rad Sechrist, except that he is a contributor to the Flight anthologies and he draws wonderful short comics that you can read online. His confident linework and use of a palette that manages to be simultaneously colorful and restrained remind me of Kazu Kibuishi’s wonderful drawings.

There are pages for two different features on the site: Beneath the Leaves and Wooden Rivers. Pages are arranged chronologically from the bottom up. There is some more art on the Gallery Nucleus site, the Flight 2 Preview and on Michael Gagne’s site.

2 thoughts on “Rad Sechrist

  1. Frank H

    What a good site!
    Your are posting really important artists and issues in your blog.
    This last one – about Kazu Kibuichi, made me remember the art of a great spanish comics illustrator – Jaime Martin.
    Both of them are wonderful.

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