Wild Brain

Wild BrainIf you ever wanted to know who to blame for those well-animated but skin-crawling Lamasil commercials about the dermatophytes who lift up a toenail and crawl in, here they are. Wild Brain is a San Francicso company that creates animations for commercial and entertainment clients using multiple styles of animation: 2D and 3D digital, Flash, rotoscoping, traditional cell animation and various combinations of those techniques.

The site in nicely arranged in Flash and HTML and includes a gallery of Quicktime clips that can be organized by subject or style. You can even view a Quicktime version of those cuddly dermatophytes. (BTW, if you don’t have Quicktime, you’re missing out on the best web video format.)

There are also short but informative articles in the About Us section under “Animation 101” that explain the basics of how cel and CGI animations are produced.