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Peter de Sève

Peter de Seve
Peter de Sève has been a bright presence in American Illustration for a number of years. His wonderful cartoon-style illustrations have appeared in Time, Newsweek, Smithsonian, Atlantic Monthly and, in particular, on many covers for The New Yorker. His drawings reveal the influence of comic book art and early Mad magazine artists as well as classic illustrators. He displays a particular delight in his portrayal of animals.

De Sève has also illustrated books and done animation character design for Disney, Pixar and others.

There is a nice interview on the Norman Rockwell Museum site that includes videos of the artist in his studio. The video interviews are brief, but show him sketching. (Note the pencil grip.)


4 responses to “Peter de Sève”

  1. great site , i used to draw in magazine,s some years back. and there is some great computer art/ i dont mind both kind,s it,s all progress. things cant stay the same forever.i love it.

  2. Greetings All,

    I own 8 – Peter De Seve Original signed watercolors and some simple pen and paper sketches…all in excellent condition and appear to be about from the Mid-90’s.

    I am currently offering the 8 works of art for one set price.
    Please email Victor at for more information or visit to view the collection.

    Thank You

  3. Kristina Avatar

    The guy is amazing I’m in love with his characters!!!

  4. Henry Cuevas Avatar
    Henry Cuevas

    Mr. de Seve is a genius. I think he is the most underated humor illustrator. I would be proud to have one tenth of his talent. His characters have the endearing qualities that old Disney characters possessed to win over audiences.

    It’s a very worn phrase and mostly misapplied, but when it comes to this Master, I have to say it.
    His drawings have a soul and life that arrests your eyes.

    Bravo, Mr. de Seve, creator of masterpieces.