Paul McCormack

Paul McCormackPaul McCormack is a portrait artist living in the Hudson Valley area of New York State. He creates portraits in oil, watercolor and graphite. Although his oil and graphite portraits are accomplished and refined, it’s the watercolor paintings that caught my attention. There is something about the way he handles the texture and color of fabric and skin in watercolor that is particularly appealing, and brings to mind the beautiful Pre-Raphaelite watercolors of Maria Spartali Stillman. (I’m using “watercolor” in its broad sense: including opaque watercolor.)

I link below to both McCormack’s personal site and his gallery on the Art Renewal Center. The personal site has more information and includes a listing of workshops and exhibitions, but the images are inexplicably small and don’t do his paintings (or drawings) justice. The ARC gallery gives a much better showing of his work. In particular, you can see something of the texture and detail in the watercolor portraits.


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  1. Great work, Brian Townsend talked to me about you. I keep looking at your work everyday trying to learn.

  2. NOT opaque/gouache; totally transparent. Paul renders using tiny strokes, like an egg-tempera technique, only the brush strokes fuse; MANY hours!

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