Christian Alzmann

Christian Alzmann
Concept artist Christian Alzmann graduated with distinction from Art Center College of Design and went straight from an on-campus interview to a job with with Industrial Light and magic. He has worked as digital artist, visual effects art director or concept artist on films like Munich, War of the Worlds, The Village, Terminator 3, Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones, Men in Black II and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Alzmann’s images are occasionally whimsical, but often dark or horrific. He uses careful control of texture, color and light to dark relationships to give his work and extra feeling of eerie power.

His work has appeared in several concept art collections including Star Wars Mythmaking: Behind the Scenes of Attack of the Clones, Van Helsing: The Making of the Legend, Inside Men in Black II, and several of the Spectrum Collections: Spectrum 9, Spectrum 10 and Spectrum 11.

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  1. Charley, this was amazing! I had such a powerful reaction when I saw this image. It was so perfectly wonderful. But then I read every word of your post, and clicked a bunch of the links. It was useful and informative.

    Thanks for good coverage.

  2. charlie, this is amazing. ireally like that you introduce new artsits to the world since their drawings are great….. i really like your job and congrat you for what you’ve done with these artists

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