Garren Gallery: Russian Art

It’s not that often that I get to be overwhelmed with dozens of terrific artists that are new to me all at once. That’s the happy result of my decision to look into Russian art for the post I did back in January.

Responses to the post have left me with a wealth of links to great Russian art on the web. I’m still sifting through some of these great resources and wonderful Russian painters, but I’ll start with a response I just got from Robert Garren of the Garren Gallery.

The Garren Gallery is a remarkable commercial gallery in, of all places, Georgetown Tenessee, that has one of the largest collections of Russian art in the U.S and represents over 250 artists from Russia and the former Soviet Union.

The gallery’s site allows you to browse through online galleries of hundreds of works, sorted by artist, or by title of the works.

You can browse for hours and keep discovering wonderful paintings, drawings and graphic works. The site also includes bios of most of the artists, with important exhibitions, museum credits and lists of major publications.

There is also a selection of short articles, including one about the Russian Academy of Arts.

Shown in the images at top, clockwise from top left: Vasili Ivanovich Bratanuk, Boris Andreevich, Yuri Fedorovich Vnodchencko, Vladimir Ilich Scherdrin and Olga Nikitaevna Fomina.


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  1. Looking for information about Robert Garren. Is he himself an artist. I saw two pictures – looks like pencil drawing with Robert Garren as signature.
    Thank you for any help!
    Toronto, Ontario

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