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Coloring Comics: Steve Hamaker Colors Bone

Steve Hamaker Colors Bone
In yesterday’s post on drawing comics I pointed to some thumbnail to ink sequences Jeff Smith has posted of his working process for Bone. Thanks to some recent posts by Steve Hamaker, who is coloring the new Bone color editions for Scholastic Press, we can follow the process to its next step.

Hamaker’s first blog entry on coloring Bone with Photoshop features a detailed sequence of images but not much explanation. His more recent post has more explanation and both posts have interesting comments from readers.

You can read the explanation from the second post and then go back and look at the first sequence with his process in mind. Hamaker promises to expand on his coloring how-tos in more detail in the near future, perhaps on the official Boneville site.

In addition to his work on the Bone color editions, Hamaker is the creator of Fish N Chips, a comic that features a fish whose bowl sits atop a robot body that he controls via telekenesis, and an electric cat. He also contributed coloring to a Jeff Smith story in Flight Volume 2 and is contributing a complete 16 page story to the new Flight Volume 3, which is due in June. Hamaker is also applying color for Smith’s upcoming Shazam! limited series for DC and is illustrating a series of books written by Dave Stewart, beginning with Turtletown.

In addition to steve’s blog, Hamaker has a regular web site that showcases his projects in a more general way.

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