Monster Allergy Animated Series

There is a new web site in support of the Monster Allergy animated series that has been developed out of the Italian comics created by Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa along with Iginio Straffi.

I profiled Barbucci and Canepa and their Sky-Doll series in March and mentioned then again in June.

I’m not certain how involved they are in the development of the TV series, but it promises to be a cut above the usual fare just from the look of the previews and stills from the initial episode.

The protagonist is Zick, a boy who is able to see the invisible monsters in his home (and all around us) by virtue of his allergy to them. The site is still not filled out in many areas, but has some information on the characters and concept, and bears watching for future additions.

The development of the show for US audiences is a joint venture between Kids’ WB, Cartoon Network and Rainbow S.r.I., the Italian animation production company. Monster Allergy will be part of the Kids WB lineup in the fall.


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  1. greetings, i am jano from the philippines. i really love monster allergy, i am a very big fan of the series. i collect every issue.
    i am an aspiring comic writer, and i just wanna know how mr. barbucci and ms. canepa started with their comic business. i am so much interested to know coz i wanna have my concept to be in real comic publication. i really wanna know.
    thanks and more power.

  2. If you like the series write to jetix “suggestions” give them the address
    The call in the evening or on weekends so you can see, if we write enough return to the air.

    Si les gusta la serie escriban a jetix en “sugerencias” les doy la direccion
    pidan la en la tarde o los fines de semana para poderla ver, si escribimos suficientes la regresaran al aire.

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