Thursday, July 27, 2006

Kevin Dart

Kevin Dart
When I profiled Chris Turnham and his fresh, lively illustrations and concept art back in January, he immediately wrote me and suggested I check out his friend and fellow illustrator Kevin Dart.

I immediately checked out Dart’s snappy, wonderfully styled and colored illustrations, was immediately impressed and just as immediately got distracted and neglected to follow through with a post. I’ll correct that today. (Hey, it only took me 6 months.)

Kein Dart’s site is arranged as a blog with links at the top to a Gallery, About page and some Extras, including some photo journals, a tutorial and two slideshow style animations of his drawing process.

The Gallery contains real book covers as well as some made-for-fun book covers and movie posters in which Dart indulges in his obvious affection for 60’s modern style movie posters and paperback covers. There are also some sketches and a short CGI animation called Gertie Gutless.

Dart’s jauntily stylized characters and abstracted backgrounds are a nice counterpart to Turnham’s stylish renderings.

Turnham and Dart have a created a collaborative site to sell prints of their work called Fleet Street Scandal that has galleries from both artists.


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