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Gregory Manchess

Gregory ManchessGregory Manchess is one of the major illustrators in America. The fact that he is represented by Richard Solomon is a clue. His clients include Time, Newsweek, The Atlantic Monthly, Playboy, Smithsonian and The National Geographic.

He has been featured in articles in Communication Arts, Step-by-Step Graphics (now Step Into Graphics), the Artist’s Magazine and Walt Reed’s The Illustrator in America 1860-2000.

To say Manchess works in an open, painterly style may be an understatement. His broad, loaded brushstrokes define the forms with luxurious sweeping areas of color. You get the impression that he enjoys the look of the strokes themselves as design elements, the way they overlap and intersect with each other, sometimes in sharp relief.

You can see the brushstrokes and other details in the images featured on his section of the Workbook Illustration site, thanks to a Flash portfolio feature that lets you zoom way in on the images and pan around at will (image at left, bottom). For larger single images, go to his own website.

Manchess is also one of the artists featured through Solomon’s Art on a Grand Scale site which is devoted to illustrators who create work to be reproduced as digital murals.

Link and info courtesy of Jack Harris.

Gregory Manchess on Workbook


3 responses to “Gregory Manchess”

  1. Greg Manchess is definitely one of my favorite living illustrators. Thanks for featuring him!

  2. That´s right! but… what technique does he use? oils?

  3. The intentional brush stroke is spectacular. He knows it well.