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Anthony J Ryder
Tony Ryder is a contemporary realist who does still lifes and, in particular, figure and portrait paintings and drawings, with meticulous attention to detail and superb draftsmanship.

His site offers galleries of both paintings and drawings, as well as information about his teaching schedule and workshops.

Ryder is the author of the well-regarded book The Artist’s Complete Guide to Figure Drawing (more info here), and has also written articles for artist’s magazines.

His site includes an extensive, multi-page, multi-image portrait painting demo that can be viewed image-by-image or as a series of slideshows. It starts with a “poster study” of blocked-in areas of color, moves to the initial charcoal drawing for the final piece, progresses through the wash-in of colors, modeling and details.

Ryder studied with painter Ted Seth Jacobs. Jacobs also trained Jacob Collins, who I profiled here on lines and colors.

Ryder has a long history of teaching realist art at schools and ateliers in New York, Texas, Hawaii, and Florida and now maintains his own school, the Ryder Studio School, and teaches workshops at The Andreeva Portrait Academy, both in Sante Fe, New Mexico.

Link via Jeff Hayes.


8 responses to “Anthony J. Ryder”

  1. Thanks for bringing these guys to the blog. I think Tony Ryder is one of today’s master painters and draughtsman. He should be singled out for his tireless efforts in teaching so many of us struggling wanna be’s. I am sure, 200 years from now he will be remembered through a long line of artists tied back to his teaching.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Charlie.
    Tony’s work is so powerful. He truly is a modern master.

  3. Wow. What a master….

  4. Great stuff. Your list is very similar to my own. Really a useful sight. I have long been a fan of Lipking and Ryder. And of course Mucha is a forgotten God.
    Thank you for the blog.

  5. Caroline Giacobbe Avatar
    Caroline Giacobbe

    I think your drawings are extraordinarilly impressive.I have no problem with shape but the cross hatching and hatching is hard to do.I would love it if you made a video or dvd showing exactly how this is done.I CAN cross hatch and hatch but the precision and control that your pictures–and those of the great masters–have regarding hatching and cross hatching are hard to replicate. If you made a video or dvd showing how you do that, I’d certainly buy it.

  6. Caroline,

    It’s unlikely that Tony Ryder will see your comment here. You may want to contact him directly through his own web site.

  7. can anyone tell me his birthday i have a project to do and need it if you can thank you so much