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Chet Phillips (update)

Chet Phillips
Writing about scratchboard a few days ago prompted me to check back in with illustrator Chet Phillips, who I first posted about back in October of last year.

Phillips uses Corel Painter to create what he terms “Digital Scratchboard”, using the digital painting programs customizable tools to incise sharp edged linework as if scraping with a real scratchboard tool. (Painter, in fact has built in “scratchboard” tools, the most basic of which is my preferred tool for making digital “ink” drawings.)

Phillips has done both editorial and advertising illustration and his work has been featured in numerous books on digital painting. He often does wonderfully bold and graphic images of domestic animals in which the “scratchboard” effects start to lean toward a woodcut feeling.

His portfolios have been revamped and expanded since I last wrote about him. (Unfortunately, they’re still in the tedious “click and click back” arrangement found on so many artist’s sites.) It’s not always obvious that the gallery sections can be split into subsections with links under then main menu, so keep looking around. You can find additional styles of images (fun Tiki images, for example) in the “Merchandise” section.


2 responses to “Chet Phillips (update)”

  1. When I think of scratchboard I always think of Mark Summers. He masters this (analogue) technique like nobody else.
    You can view his work over at:

    Watch out for the full-screen pop-up when clicking a name from the right.

  2. This guy is a an absolute master of scratch board. It is a bit like manual scratch board but with a wonderful range of color techniques underneath. Very cool!

    His personal work is full of mystery and whimsey. And check out “Just for fun” if you like animals. What a great sense of humor!!

    Thanks Lines and Colors for turning me on to this.