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Peter Popken

Peter Popken
Peter Popken is a concept artist, illustrator, visual development and storyboard artist for the film industry. He has worked on films like V for Vendetta, Aeon Flux and The Bourne Supremacy.

Many of the film concept images on his site are dramatic landscapes or cityscapes, painted in widescreen ratios. There are also character designs, storyboards and illustrations.

He utilizes several rendering styles, from the crosshatched linework in some of the storyboards to the direct no-nonsense approach of some of the concept paintings, which can be wonderfully graphic at times with flat areas of color crafted into three dimensional shapes.

His concept paintings are often almost monochromatic, with areas of more intense color in a different range used for emphasis and focus. Sometimes he will use a more softly rendered approach or the color-filled line style where appropriate.

Some of the movie work is labeled, but some of the storyboard work is not. I’m curious about a very cool storyboard he did for what is apparently a car ad, in which the car is injected into a patient’s bloodstream.


4 responses to “Peter Popken”

  1. The site is a pain to navigate, but there are definitely some really nice paintings and drawings there!

  2. Always new treasures for us to see Charlie!

  3. Hi,

    I am currently at the end of my degree, studying Illustration and Animation. I have always had a strong passion for drawing and painting from an early age and I have progressed with high visual skills, such as storyboards and concept work.
    I am extremely dedicated and wish to procgress and push my skills further.
    I am really interested in your work and I would be most grateful for any advice you may have to help me in the future, or any work experience you may have available.

    Thank you


  4. Cheryl,

    Peter Popken is unlikely to see your comment here. You should try to contact him directly through his web site.