Greg Newbold

Greg Newbold
It’s easy to assume that illustrators in the U.S. live near the centers of of publishing, like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. While that may be true for a high percentage, the modern era of instant communication, web site portfolios, FedEx and FTP delivery of digital image files makes it practical for illustrators to live almost anywhere and still be part of the illustration mainstream (at least once they are established).

Greg Newbold is an illustrator living in Salt Lake City, Utah and his work feels like it has strong roots in the midwestern character of the nation. His gently undulating landscapes carry echoes of Thomas Hart Benton and other great painters of the heartland. His boldly delineated figures can seem almost monolithic in their strength of contrast and modeling, as if descended from the hearty strain of pioneers who pushed west in the days of expansion. His palette seems strong in earth tones, clay reds and harvest orange.

He does wander far afield in his subject matter, however, illustrating fantasy or science fiction topics, scientific subjects, food, mystery novels or even opera posters.

Newbold has won numerous awards from The Society of Illustrators, The American Institute of Graphic Arts, Communication Arts, Spectrum and others. His clients include Simon & Schuster, Random House, Harper Collins, and Sony Pictures. He has also illustrated children’s books like The Touch of the Master’s Hand by Myra Brooks Welch and Winter Lullaby and Spring Song by Barbara Seuling.