Mélanie Delon

Melanie DelonMélanie Delon is a French artist who trained in art history and archeology. She later attended school for game design, but decided that wasn’t the path for her. According to her site, she began to work digitally in Photoshop about a year ago.

Since then has been doing digital painting in Photoshop and Painter. Digital painting, for those who are not familiar with the practice, involves using a pressure sensitive stylus and painting software to emulate the way one draws and paints in traditional media. This is in contrast to the other major branch of digital art, which involves the creation of “3-D” models and rendering.

Since Delon began digital painting she has posted a number of images to her site. In most of them she portrays young women, usually in a fantasy or science fiction setting. She seems particularly fascinated with faces, and within the bounds of the fantasy or science fiction settings, paints them like portraits, though I don’t know if she is painting from live models.

For someone who has only been painting digitally for a year or so, she seems quite accomplished and has created a tutorial for ImagineFX magazine. There is a zipped tutorial available on her site on the Misc page, along with avatars, wallpapers and prints. In addition to those sections and the main gallery, there is a Quicks section of sketches and exercises. There is also a “Close Up” section that is of particular interest because of the detailed nature of her work.

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  1. Oops, apologies for that truncated comment! I was about to comment with Linda Bergkvist’s site, but it looks like you’ve already profiled her some time ago.

    Artists like Melanie and Linda add that special dimension of mystery and exoticism to fantasy artwork, providing tantalizing glimpses into their imaginary worlds. Not many artists out there that can stimulate the imagination like they can. Thanks for profiling Melanie!

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