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The Painting Journalist (Ashley Cecil)

Ashley Cecil is a Kentucky based artist who mixes paintings of still life and landscape subjects with those of rallies, demonstrations, meetings and urban scenes as well as subjects encountered in trips to South America (image at left, bottom).

She posts work to her painting blog, which she calls The Painting Journalist, and donates a percentage of the sale to non-profit organizations, often with a thought to matching the theme of the painting with the mission of the non-profit.

She supports organizations like Habitat for Humanity, the Bowery Mission, Democracy Matters, Witness for Peace, and Kentucky Youth Advocates.

A watercolor of a neglected dog in an animal shelter (image at left, top), whose leg had to be amputated because of an injury, not only sent $10 of the painting’s $70 sale price to the shelter, the blog post resulted in the successful adoption of the dog. Cecil’s blog features a time-lapse movie of that painting in progress, as well as others.

Unfortunately the “About” link on the blog just returns you to the main page and the “Gallery” page is not that helpful either. There is, however, a page of “Paintings for Sale” and a Sold Paintings page that have more variety and list the non-profit and amount of donation which is assigned from each painting.