Chris Sheban

Chris Sheban
OK, admittedly I’m a sucker for the kind of parody/homage to Vermeer seen in children’s book illustrator Chris Sheban’s take on Vermeer’s “Young Woman with a Water Pitcher“, hanging on a kid’s bedroom wall in the illustration above. Add in my affection for paleo art and dinosaurs in general (I want one of theose brachiosaurus lamps) and I couldn’t help but be fascinated.

I was delighted to find that Sheban’s other work is just as terrific. His illustrations are wonderfully imagined and executed, composed of rich, atmospheric colors, a subtle play of light and striking characters; and enlivened with a beautifully textured rendering style.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find much biographical info or details on his working methods, as Sheban doesn’t seem to have a web site. I found a few stray bits of information, he lives in Illinios and trained in Perugia, Italy, but that’s about all I could find.

Fortunately, his work is represented on the web on the site of his artists rep, The Graphic Artists Guild and two illustrator portfolio sites.

I was particularly disappointed to see that many of the books he has illustrated, apparently including I Met a Dinosaur, for which he received a Gold Medal from the Society of Illustrators and which I presume included this image, are not currently in print (undoubtedly a result of the insane overemphasis on what’s new at the expense of all else, that’s indicative of the sorry circus of self-destructive madness that is the modern publishing industry, but, I digress).


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  1. Glad you like the work of my talented brother who I have harassed for many years to do more self promotion. A website is in the works (finally) but Chris spends most of his time drawing, parenting, and sharpening hundreds of colored pencils. He has a new picture book with Myla Goldberg called “Catching the Moon,” that I think is the best work he’s done. I will continue to bug him to display more of his work. In the near future his prints will be available. Thanks again for your interest.
    Terry Sheban

  2. I need to find bio information on Chris Sheban. If anyone can help, please let me know. I need it by midnight tomorrow night.

  3. Thank you for posting this. Now I long for a brachiosaurus lamp just like that!

    Meanwhile, try to get out-of-print works. I found a children’s book through them that my mother had been looking for for forty years.

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