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Free Comic Book Day 2007

Free Comic Book Day 2007
OK, so maybe you haven’t picked up a comic book since you were 12, and you’re so past that; or maybe you’ve never picked up a comic book and you’re so beyond that; or maybe you just associate comics with steroidal aberrations in spandex bashing into one another like runaway freight trains and you’re so not into that.

Well, if you think comic books are what they used to be, or what you’ve been told they are, or what you only think they are, you could be so missing out on something you shouldn’t.

So,… tomorrow, Saturday, May 5th, 2007 is Free Comic Book Day! Here’s a great opportunity to casually drop by your friendly neighborhood comic book store, where the staff will be on their best behavior, prepared to accommodate newcomers to modern comics, happy to answer any questions, and handing out free, yes free, comics!

Free Comic Book Day has been going on for six years, and has grown each year. Comics companies large and small have published free special editions that showcase some of their best titles, and the comics store often put on sales, have guests, artist and writer signings and other events to make it as much of a celebration of comics as they can.

There is a web site devoted to the event, that contains a brief description, a list of frequently asked questions and other information about the event and comics in general.

In my post about last year’s Free Comic Book Day, I go into more detail about the event, talk a little about why you should take the time to check out modern comic books, and give a brief introduction to comic book specialty shops for those who haven’t dared to peer into the mysteries of what too often seems like a private club.

Not only will the stores have their doors wide open and the red carpet out, the free comics themselves will showcase some interesting titles. Of course there are the expected superhero books, from the the big publishers and independents, but there are many other titles appealing to kids and adults with a variety of other tastes.

There are 28 titles in all; you can see covers and descriptions here and here. In addition, many shops will add some titles from their own stock.

Notable this year is a Nexus comic by Mike Baron and Steve Rude, one of the best of the off-beat superheroes (preview here); a Linda Barry collection from Drawn and Quarterly; comics festival, a collection that includes artists like Darwyn Cooke and Hope Larson; a couple of how-to books on drawing and creating comics, Impact University and Wizard’s How to Draw sampler; a preview extract from Eddie Campbell’s new graphic novel, The Train Was Bang On Time (preview here); and some collections that showcase the continuing move of popular webcomics into print, like the Digital Webbing Jam and the Keenspot Spotlight.

So, what are you waiting for? Find your local comic book store and check it out on Saturday! You just might be so surprised.

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