Greg Pro

Greg Pro
Greg Pro creates concept designs and character designs for the entertainment industry, though his emphasis is not on films and games as much as it is the presentation of entertainment concepts in the form of theme park rides, theme park architecture and related designs for casinos and other venues where the physical environment is, in essence, a form of entertainment.

Pro’s clients include Disney, Universal Studios, Paramount Parks and Landmark Entertainment. His web site includes galleries of illustration, storyboards, character designs and sketches.

As much as I like the ostensibly more exciting images of scenes from theme park thrill rides, I’m actually most interested his renderings for architectural environments (in the “Illustration” section).

I find the idea of creating physical spaces that are visual entertainment particularly fascinating. When I go to a theme park, I get as much, or more, enjoyment out of the appearance of the attractions as I do out of the rides and entertainment. Pro manages to convey that visual appeal in his paintings (even though the “Full Size” images on his site are still a bit small to get a real feeling for the rendering).

Pro works digitally and the “Process” section has a brief description of his approach.

Note: Like a theme park ride, Pro’s site throws sound effects at you. You may want to turn sound off if you’re viewing at work.

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