Jacek Yerka (update)

Jacek Yerka
The temptation is there, of course, when attempting to describe Jacek Yerka’s fantastical and dreamlike paintings, to use the term “surreal”. I will persist, though, in my cranky insistence on reserving that term to refer to a specific group of artists, and the devotion to images derived from the unconscious that was their manifesto.

So I’ll use “magic realism” to refer to Yerka’s visions of doorways to other worlds, disorienting juxtapositions of scale, brain-tickling suggestions of relationships between the seemingly unrelated, and clever manipulation of perspective, proportion and other visual cues.

I wrote about Jacek Yerka back in 2006. Since then, he has acquired a domain name, yerkaland.com, and handed maintenance of his site over to others, and the site has been revised and updated. My other post still has relevant links to books and other galleries.

Unfortunately, I think the new site is a bit more scattered in the presentation of images than the old one. You will find several pages (links at the bottom) of images in the Giclee gallery as well as in the How do I create my paintings page, as well as in the My worlds and Art for sale sections. The Art for sale section has the largest reproductions.

There is also now a Jacek Yerka gallery on beinArt Surreal Art Collective, and I came across a nice article with images on Dark Roasted Blend.


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  1. Wonderful artblog here-stumbled upon while searching online for Al Hirschfeld & found a great post u made on him a while back. I run a Ronald Searle tribute blog here-


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