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Gorilla Artfare: Dave Palumbo, Tiffany Prothero, Brun Croes, Adam Paquette, Patri Balanovsky, Victoria Maderna, Simon Fellah, Alice Duk
Gorilla Artfare is a new collective art blog. According to their About page, the group was formed in 2006, and now counts more than 100 members from around the world.

The collaborative blog was just launched early in January of 2008 and as of this writing shows posts from about 30 artists. The emphasis seems to be on concept art, environments, character design and illustration.

Judging from the month’s worth of initial posts, the level of ability among the artists so far represented is quite high and nicely diverse (shown above, left to right: Dave Palumbo, Tiffany Prothero, Brun Croes, Adam Paquette, Patri Balanovsky, Victoria Maderna, Simon Fellah, Alice Duke).

I’ve added Gorilla Artfare to the lines and colors blogroll and look forward to checking back as more posts are added.

[Link via LCSV4]


4 responses to “Gorilla Artfare”

  1. thanks for the links, are amazing!!!

  2. Very cool. I recognize all of them from the forums, no doubt that is where they all hooked up.

  3. Hey Charley, I’m an illustrator living and working in the semi rural town of Willaston, South Australia – about an hours drive from our state capital, Adelaide. I happened upon your blog by accident, or rather, via a link on another website when looking for illustrations by the Swedish illustrator, John Bauer. What a revelation your blog has been to me. I’ve only been a reader for just on a month now but in that month you have introduced me to a huge number of artists I’d never heard of and all working in so many varieties of medium that I was overwhelmed at the sudden realization of my ignorance of what’s happening in the wider art world. Thank you for your daily efforts and your obvious love of art of all kinds.

    I belong to a South Australian Illustrators group called IMBIBE. We meet on a monthly basis at a pub in North Adelaide where we share conversation and news concerning the publishing business and current commissions being undertaken or not, eat heartily, drink moderately and show our latest projects to each other for objective and good natured crit. I have entered the IMBIBE blog address into the website section of your comment log. Perhaps you’d care to view it sometime and if you find the standard of work high enough, add us to your regular viewing list. Some of the names in the listed artists section have links to their websites which you may also care to follow up.

    Again, Charley, thanks for the blog. I’m still working my way through your archive at present and am enjoying myself immensely. Shall be putting your blog address onto ours so that those who don’t know of it can enjoy it too.

    Cheers, Rory

  4. Great site, thank you – it is a pleasure to see your site, it is down to earth, resourceful, keep posting. jax chachitz