100 Photoshop Tutorials

100 Photoshop Tutorials
100 Photoshop Tutorials, subtitled “for creating beautiful art”, is a set of digital art how-to articles from numerous artists, collected and accessed through a large page of thumbnail images.

Somewhat confusingly, though the majority of them seem to be for 2-D digital painting, the site on which they are hosted is called “3D Total“. The site devotes space to both 3-D and 2-D digital art, however.

Hovering your mouse over the large thumbnail images on the 100 tutorial page produces a “tool tip” style floating box with some information about the tutorial by it’s creator. Unfortunately, this feature is a bit buggy in Safari, and the pop-up boxes often appear below the current screen when scrolling through the page. Browsing isn’t difficult, though, as the tutorial pages are fast loading, and you can get a good idea of the subject of each tutorial from the nature of the image.

Many are of digital painting techniques are for figures, environments, landscapes, and characters, and would be of particular interest to digital painters and concept artists.

The style and approach of the artists included offers a nice variety, and digital artists of differing interests are likely to find material relevant to their own preferences.

Most of the tutorials deal with the techniques involved in the creation of a specific image, and range from three to six pages in length. A good number of them seem to be from 2d Artist, the PDF-based online magazine devoted to digital art techniques.

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  1. Now this is going to inspire me to pay for another copy of Photoshop. My ancient 3.0 broke a year or two ago and I’ve been using freeware Seashore for Mac, which is adequate but I suspect will hamper me a great deal in doing much with digital art….

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