Sergy Skachkov

Sergy Skachkov
Sergy Skachkov is a Russian concept artist, who is currently doing freelance work for films and games.

Except for a brief bio on CapucinesBoulevard, I can find very little in the way of information about him or his professional work. He doesn’t have his own web site (at least that I can find), but instead seems content to represent himself in galleries on community sites devoted to digital graphics and concept art, like gfxartist and the CGSociety, where he goes by the handle “Atris”.

You can also find some informal tutorials and articles about work in progress on the CGSociety, as well as more formal articles like this feature article about Dangerous Entertainments, the image shown above (larger version here). There is also a milestone post, in which he posted about the image’s progress as he created it as part of a CGSociety “challenge”, in this case with a theme of “Spectacular”.

Skachov works in both 3-D modeling and rendering applications like 3-D Max, as well as doing direct digital painting in Photoshop. When viewing his portfolio on CGSociety, you’ll find an indication of the software used below the image.

I prefer his digital paintings in Photoshop, in which he often takes on complex compositions and loads of detail, as in the image shown above. I was particularly struck by this image, but didn’t use it here because I didn’t think it was representative of his other work.

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