Susan Rudat

Susan Rudat
Susan Rudat is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Texas.

On both her blog and her Flickr gallery she often posts drawings and sketches done in Molekine sketchbooks.

Some of her drawings have a nicely graphic quality, as if designed to be woodcuts, with bold areas of black and carefully designed patterns of line weights and textures.

Others are more sketchlike and gestural, and some are in color. Many of them have a curvilinear flow and an almost art nouveau feeling.

The large images on her Flickr gallery are just about exactly the size of an actual Moleskein notebook (at least at the resolution of my screen), a nice touch.

She also posts her Moleskine drawings on DiviantART and on ‘, which featured an interview with her.

In the Flickr stream for her color drawings, you’ll find some of her experiments with “pop-up” Moleskine drawings (image above, bottom). These are in ink with color in gouache, though I don’t know how she is arranging the pop-up elements above the page.

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  1. I love Susan Rudat! I am lucky enough to have some of her original artwork in my home, and I feel blessed. The colors, the movement, the creative force – it’s all awesome. My life is much enriched by Rudat art. And by Rudat her own self.

  2. I have an original Susan Rudat dated and signed ’83. It is a collection of cartoon like figures on brown paper. Some of the figures are colored in. It is framed in a silver frame. Got it many years ago at an estate sale. Anyone interested in purchasing it, please contact me.

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