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New Web Site for The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts - Cecilia Beaux, George Inness, Thomas Eakins, Childe Hassam, John White Alexander, Charles Courtney Curran, John Sloan
The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, where I had the privilege of studying as a painting major, is the oldest art school in the United States. Modeled after the academic schools of Europe, it has a long tradition of training American artists and a correspondingly long history of collecting American art for its associated museum.

The school and museum share a web site, which has just been completely redesigned and rearranged, and it is now much easier to browse the museum’s extraordinary collection. The collection is particularly rich in beautiful 19th Century paintings.

You can search for individual artists, view their paintings, sculpture or works on paper separately, or view all works together. You can also simply browse the collection as a whole by the same criteria, a delightful exercise that will lead you to unexpected treasures. In addition you can browse by artist, medium or period.

My one complaint (as usual) is the size of the images. There are larger versions associated with most of the works, and though adequate for getting a feeling for the work, still much smaller than they need to be for real appreciation. Hopefully that will be supplemented with additional images or some kind of image zooming feature in the future.

In the meanwhile, once you find a piece you like, you can search the web for additional images or information on that artist (here’s a great new visual search engine, SearchMe, that has an interface like the Mac “Cover Flow” system used on their new OS and on the iPhone/iPod Touch, and makes visual browsing more efficient).

Even better, of course, if you have the option, is to visit the Academy here in Philadelphia, where they always have a superb selection form the permanent collection on display in the beautiful Furness building.

(Images above: Cecilia Beaux, George Inness, Thomas Eakins, Childe Hassam, John White Alexander, Charles Courtney Curran, John Sloan. Links are to my previous posts on those artists.)


2 responses to “New Web Site for The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts”

  1. Thanks, Charley for your superb blog about all sorts of things that interest me, including artists and museums of my old home town, Philadelphia. I have not lived there for about 50 years but I have a soft heart for the city and surrounding countryside. It is such fun for me to check your blog (which I do just about every day) and find so many of my favorite artists, as well as some very informative new stuff like the fractals. Many thanks for your time and energy! I just wanted to know that you have a fan in Florida!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this blog! I love the The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and I want to go their as a painting major in college. My art instructors at the Delaware Art Museum are always telling me about their experinces at the Academy and I just get chills fantasising about the studios.
    The first time I was there in 5th grade; I instantly fell in love with its victorian/art nouveo archetecture and magestic beauty.Just thinking about all of the artists that have studyed/ taught there makes me giddy!
    Well thank you so much for posting these blogs! I always check it whenever I can.
    Take care,