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Hethe Srodawa

Hethe Srodawa
Hethe Srodawa is an entertainment industry concept artist currently working for Rockstar Games.

Like many in his field, Srodawa paints digitally in Photoshop. I came across his work, specifically the image above, “Enchanted“, on the CGSociety site.

Srodawa has a blog called The Pirate’s Cave, Illustrated Memoirs of a Dead Pirate, in which he posts sketches, finished work , flights of fancy, and in the case of the piece shown here, step by step progress and preliminary alternative layouts for some of his digital paintings. (He says that this image is about and inspired by his wife, and that he’s going to tell his children when they’re older that this is how he met their mother and that they come from royal fairy blood.)

He also has a web site in which the portfolio is pretty much as informal as the blog, a mix of drawings, painted sketches and more finished works.

His drawings and painted sketches have a nice, comfortable looseness about them, and his more finished works carry some of that forward at times with a feeling of gestural fluidity and brusquely applied textures.


4 responses to “Hethe Srodawa”

  1. very nice colours

  2. It’s so deflating for me everytime I come across a beautiful image like this, and then I read on and figure out that it’s simply a computer manipulation. I know there is a lot of work in digital media, but it’s just not the same for me. The drawings on his blog are incredibly exciting though.

  3. Thanks for your comment, Jo.

    I can understand your disappointment when an image you thought inspiring is done a medium other than what you expected, but I have to disagree with your characterization of this image as “simply a computer manipulation”. It is not a manipulated photograph, it’s a digital painting.

    I work in both digital and traditional media, and the similarities in drawing and painting digitally and traditionally are stronger than the differences. You’ve just using a plastic stylus instead of a brush, but you’re still drawing lines and applying color.

    There are, of course some things about digital painting that make aspects of it easier, undo, for example, or the ability to quickly fill an area with flat color or a gradation, but there are disadvantages, too, like the lack of the tactile feedback that you get from a pen or brush.

    They’re simply different media.

  4. the picture’s painting, design, background color is so colorful to watch. My heart showing much interest in this picture.


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