Bill Carman

Bill Carman
Bill Carman has an approach that combines stylish exaggeration, line, painted rendering, texture, design and a variety of applications of color to achieve an entertaining and eye-catching range of illustrations, paintings and drawings.

Carman studied at De Anze College and Brigham Young University and is currently a professor of illustration and drawing at Boise State University.

In addition to his work for clients like Lucas Arts Entertainment, TSR, Opera Idaho, Ford Aerospace, UTNE Reader, and a number of other editorial and commercial accounts, his work has been featured in publications like the Society of Illustrators Annuals, American Illustration and the Spectrum collections of contemporary fantastic art. He is the author and illustrator of the children’s book What’s That Noise?, from random House.

The gallery on his own site is essentially just a shopping cart for giclee prints; of more interest is the wider range of work shown on his gallery on Boise State University, which is divided into sections like illustration, children’s books, paint stuff and draw stuff. I particularly like the pieces in the painted stuff section. Don’t miss the Altoids icon at the bottom of the pop-up that leads to a selection of painted Altoid tins, and the sketchbook link to the right of that.

There are also larger images of some of his paintings in the gallery.


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  1. I have had the great pleasure over the last 8 years of being the representative for Bill and his wonderful works. He is a true delight both as an artist and as a friend. The best way for me to describe ‘the stories that take place in his images’ is to say that they are always very unique, whimsical, and intelligent. I have yet to see Bill produce anything that doesn’t totally blow me and the viewing public away. Each and every exhibition is a step above the previous exhibition (i know that statement is hard to believe…but it’s true!)I think I own more Carman’s than any other person on the planet…except maybe his wife? I have been collecting his works since the very first exhibition I had for him in 2000…it is a serious addiction I have and hopefully I never find the cure…

  2. Hi Charley, sorry to disappoint, but no I no longer have a gallery web site. Keeping the site up and running became far to complicated, involved, and costly over the years. Also the majority of the artists I represent these days have their own sites and I simply pass that info onto the customers (plus their sites are always much more cohesive, informative, and up to date)

    Thanks and have a good day-Perry

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