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Erwin Madrid

Erwin Madrid
Erwin Madrid is a concept artist for the entertainment industry, currently based in San Francisco, where he earned his BFA at the Academy of Art College.

He has worked for PDI/Dreamworks Animation on films like Shrek 2, Shrek the Third and the Madagascar sequel. He has also done concept art for the gaming industry for titles like Drake’s Fortune.

Artwork on his web site is divided between sections for Shrek and other concept art, personal projects (images above) and a section of landscape paintings from California and Europe.

His work has the snappy, angular energy and fresh color that often gives concept art much of its appeal. His personal projects are lively and imaginative , with a playful use of perspective and unusual viewpoints.

His landscape paintings, done in what I assume is gouache, have a breezy, sketch-like quality that gives them a nice feeling of immediacy.

Madrid also has a blog on which he posts largely about his personal projects, including his contribution to the recent Tokyo Forest Project.

There are also portfolios of his work on the CG Society and and a selection of prints for sale on the deviantART shop.


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