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Shaun Tan talks about The Lost Thing animated short son, a video podcast out of Melbourne, Australia with a focus on arts, design and culture, has a nicely done segment on multi-talented illustrator and author Shaun Tan, who I wrote about previously here and here.

In it, Tan talks about the adaptation of one of his books, The Lost Thing (images at top) into a CGI animated short feature.

The animated short is being produced by Passion Pictures Australia, and is set for release late next year. There is a page about the project on Tan’s site.

Incidentally, since my last post about Shaun tan, I picked up a copy of another of his books, The Arrival, and it is absolutely wonderful, even more beautiful than the preview images would lead you to believe. This wordless narrative is a story that combines down to earth emotional images with brilliantly imaginative flights of visual fancy. Drawn entirely in pencil and printed in various sepia tones, it’s one of the most delightful “graphic novels” I’ve seen in recent years.

I now have The Lost Thing on my list, and I’m looking forward to seeing the animated adaptation, particularly because of Tan’s intimate involvement with the production.

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  1. AMAZING!!! I discovered this guy once when I was going through my mormal “window-book-shopping” at Borders, I saw his Picture Book with words-“THE ARRIVAL” and I was amazed to see such solid drawings in black and white, many of which were just simple graphite sketches.

    Thanks for this! The Podcast link was SOLID too, a good insight into his life and art!

  2. Thanks for previewing Shaun Tan again. His new book, “Tales from outer suburbia” is also fabulous, and shows Australian suburbia in a beautiful light as well as being a great collection of short stories – I recognised the 1970s from my childhood there! In fact we (adults and kid) have all his books at our house -they’re artfully beautiful, sensitive and inspiring.

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