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Birds and Bees — Sheridan Illustration Council

Birds and Bees - Sheridan Illustration Council, Anita Kunz, Tessar Lo, Clemente Botelho, Peter Chan, Claton Hanmer, Benjamin Rivers
The Sheridan Illustration Council (which, if I’m not mistaken, is part of Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada), is holding an exhibit themed Birds and Bees as a fundraiser for the benefit of the 4th year graduating class.

From the press release:

The Sheridan Illustration Council proudly presents the Birds and the Bees Fundraiser Group show. The show features work from Sheridan alumni and faculty, consisting of well-known and emerging illustrators belonging to the fields of illustration, fine arts, comics, and much more. The hopes are to be able to raise funds to help put on a successful year-end show for the 4th year graduating class.

The show will offer collectors and new buyers the opportunity to acquire original artwork from renowned illustrators, and a chance for them to help support the next generation illustration stars.

The show is at SMASH Industrial Salvage|| Jerome Jenner Gallery, 2880 Dundas West, Toronto, ON. I’m a little late in listing the actual show, the opening was March 20, and it only runs to this Saturday, April 4, but the online version will be up until April 11th, 2009.

There is a listing of artists and an online gallery.

(Image above, left to right: Anita Kunz, Tessar Lo, Clemente Botelho, Peter Chan, Claton Hanmer, Benjamin Rivers)

[Via Nimit Malavia]


2 responses to “Birds and Bees — Sheridan Illustration Council”

  1. Aw, it’s great seeing this show up on so many blogs that I read. I’m one of those 4th years from Sheridan for whom this show was raising money, and it was awesome to see it come together. (Good on Nimit and others for organizing it!) Lots of amazing art, and the gallery is a beautiful place. (For the record, the Sheridan Illustration Council just refers to the grad council organizing the show – yep, it’s Sheridan College.)

  2. Good luck to them,i hope they raise the funding they need.