60 Fractal Images

60 Fractal Images
I just love fractal generated images. These computer based images, crafted out of mathematical formulae, carry with them some of the visual characteristics of both natural forms and of abstract mathematical beauty. At their best, they resonate with a brain-tingling hint of infinity.

Dainis Graveris has collected 60 prime examples, in this case all generated using a freeeware flame fractal program called Apophysis (Windows only, unfortunately), and posted them on the 1stWebdesigner blog. The article is listed as “Part 1”, with the rest presumably to follow soon.

Many of the images are linked to larger versions, frequently on deviantART, that show some of their intricately recursive worlds-within-worlds details (see the detail of the last image, above).

Credits, in this case, are often just screen names. (Images above, Gibson125, babymilk and parablev.)

For more on fractal images, see my previous posts listed below, particularly my article on Benoit Mandelbrot.

Update Part 2 has been posted and is a list of links to 33 Apophysis tutorials.


7 Replies to “60 Fractal Images”

  1. i totally agree with you Mario. there’s so many little details to look at. and the colors and shapes are just so attractive. i’m like a fly going toward a bug zapper. lol.

  2. Thank you, Randal! I appreciate the compliment and link. I really don’t think my work can be classified as fractals. I would define most of them as reflection based symmetrical abstracts. I just wish they would gain more recognition in the mainstream art community. ;-)

    Are you the Adrian I think you are? If so you’ve produced some truly impressive pieces. I think you should create a personal web gallery. You deaerve recognition for you work. :-)

  3. My favorite fractal description after the Benoit mendelbrot site now is the-monad.blogspot (art monad)which after opening just pop in ‘fractal’ in blog search at top left You will see a nicely knarled tree with a very pithy fractal description. Interesting site. Found it searching for modannari.
    Many good fractal sites out there.
    I’m confused. Aren’t fractals of nature? Art from man. Wouldn’t fractal artists be persons producing altered or enchanced fractals? Can man create fractals without a device? I’m embarassing myself, I’m sure.

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