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MicroVisions 4 Auction

MicroVisions 4 Auction: Michael Whelan, Francis Vallejo, Greg Ruth, Luis Royo
As I mentioned in my article last month about the MicroVisions 4 auction in support of the Society of Illustrators Scholarship Fund, the auction of several small original pieces by top science fiction and fantasy illustrators is now in progress.

You can find additional details in Irene Gallo’s MicroVisions auction article on

The small size of the works (5×7″, 12x17cm) allows for an entry point for acquiring works by these artists that is lower than their larger work, which usually goes for amounts beyond the reach of a casual collector.

The MicroVisions auction itself is through eBay. As of this writing the auction has 4 days, 5 hours and a few odd minutes to run.

(Images above, left to right: Michael Whelan, Francis Vallejo, Greg Ruth, Luis Royo)