Assembled Artifacts

Assembled Artifacts: Jud Turner,  Oliver Pauwels, Christopher Conte, Michiro Matsuoka, Stephane Hallux, Lewis Tardy
Assembled Artifacts, a show of sculptural objects that opened today at Device Gallery in San Diego, is aptly named.

The wonderfully odd and eclectic collections of mechanical parts, metal objects, leather and cloth, have assembled into sculptures of figures, vehicles, robots, devices and animals by the participating artists.

As is often the case with these kinds of assemblages, there is great attention given to the nature, appearance and surface qualities of the materials chosen. Color is often subdued, and texture plays a dominant role. Shape, however, is the main focus, with found objects given relationships that produce recognizable forms, sometimes with oddly unsettling resonance.

The group exhibit includes work by Stephane Halleux, who I wrote about previously.

Assembled Artifacts runs until August 29, 2009.

(Image above: Jud Turner, Oliver Pauwels, Christopher Conte, Michiro Matsuoka, Stephane Halleux, Lewis Tardy)


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  1. Hi Charly, this kind of art is truly beautiful, sometimes hilarious but always very intricate and delicious. So much inspiration and true fantasy.
    I also would like to mention that the steampunk jewellery movement belongs into this category as well. You can find incredible art pieces there.
    Greetings, Petra

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