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One of animated films that I discovered through Irene Gallo’s Saturday Morning Cartoons listing (see my previous post) delighted me in particular, Kunstbar, by Steve Whitehouse and a group of associates that call themselves The Petrie Lounge. The group includes Denis Gonzalez, John Halfpenny, Chris Labonte and Paul Teglas.

“Kunst” is the word for “art” in German, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish and Estonain. The Kunstbar we encounter is apparently on a side street off one of Giorgio DeChirico’s perspective defying plazas, and is frequented by artistes whose taste in drinks is, um… interesting.

The menu consists of drinks named after artists, a common enough practice, but here the Petrie Lounge crew has taken that idea literally and the drinks are in the spirit of the artist in more than name. Our intrepid protagonist, apparently a dedicated art lover, tries several, much to his detriment and our amusement.

This stylish animated short is a delight for lovers of art and animation alike, so stop by the Kunstbar for a short one.

Oh, and don’t order the Bosch.


4 responses to “Kunstbar

  1. Interesting article. Love animated films, so much goes into them.

  2. Fantastic, unique short. Thanks for the post.

  3. Interesting animation, the characters are very individual and unique.

  4. Mariela Rubio Avatar
    Mariela Rubio

    I loved the short the first time I saw it in 2002, I wonder if they have done some others, please let me know!!!