Covered (Robert Goodin)

Here’s an amusing notion. Robert Goodin, an illustrator and comics artist, has established a blog called Covered, the theme of which is to allow contemporary artists and illustrators to display their take on classic comic book covers; their covers of covers, if you will.

The result is a delightful amalgam of styles and approaches, as artists create their interpretations, some straightforward, some liberally re-imagined, of whatever comic covers that they are inclined to redraw.

A variety of genres are represented, from mainstream superhero to Archie to 60’s underground comix.

The blog posts show the original cover next to the new interpretation, and both can be clicked on for larger versions. Credits are also given for the original artists as well as the new interpreters. The posts include links to the contributors’ web sites; and, where possible, links to information about the original artist or team.

Goodin has a page outlining the submission guidelines here.

You can also see Goodin’s own work on his web site and primary blog.

(Images above, originals on left, reinterpretations on right: Alessa Kreger covers Millie the Lovable Monster 4, original by Bill Woggon; Jack Noel covers Elektra 2, original by Greg Horn; Ben Newman covers Green Lantern 63, original by Neal Adams.)

[Via Underwire]


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