Pandore (Pandora) is a superb animated short by Marion Stinghe, Meryl Franck, Benoît Guillaumot, Nicolas Caffarel and Elen Le Tannou, students in their third year as Animation majors at Gobelins, l’école de l’image, a visual communications school in Paris.

Unlike the introductory shorts done by Gobelins students for the Annecy Film Festival each year, this one makes use of CGI, though wonderfully handled. And unlike many of the animated films coming out of Hollywood these days, it has an entertaining and original story (in the space of two and a half minutes). Pandore takes the Pandora legend and gives it a nice twist.

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2 Replies to “Pandore

  1. Great Blog, and I want to start out by saying I never write comments like this because I figure who cares about my opinion really, but your blurb for this animated short just pushed all the wrong buttons.
    This little movie, not so great.
    Why always start out one of these reviews by trashing Hollywood animation…frankly Up (and to a lesser degree Bolt) were much more original than this.

    The story had to be told in two and a half minutes, it would have become irritating and precious if any longer. In fact it was annoying as is. Why was the monster not monstrous…the snakes should have just bit the girl and be done with her.

    Finally this is not a twist on Pandora. It has nothing to do with the legend of Pandora. Sorry, this will be my last rant.

    1. I care about your opinion, even if I obviously disagree with it, and I’m delighted that you broke with your usual practice to comment. Sometimes point and counterpoint are much more enlightening than just one view.

      I trash Hollywood animation a lot because I desperately want it to be better. Despite some delightful exceptions form Pixar and a few others, too many are more like Robots and Over the Hedge and Happy Feet, tired, formulaic and predictable. (I’m also still pissed off that the major studios abandoned cell animation.)

      I obviously liked the Pandore short, but I’m glad you took the time to state the opposition case (grin). Thanks.

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