Dan Santat

Dan Santat
Dan Santat is a California based illustrator and children’s book writer.

His clients include The Wall Street Journal, Esquire, The Village Voice, Harper Collins, Simon and Schuster and many others. Santat is also the creator of the Disney Channel animated series, The Replacements.

Santat’s style ranges from detailed to quite spare, but always seems to have a freshness and snap, in part because of his lively linework, rich colors and loose, painterly textures.

Santat used to paint in acrylics. He moved into a process of starting pieces in acrylic and developing the finish in Photoshop; and now does many of his illustrations directly in Photoshop.

Even when working digitally, Santat says he works from dark to light with opaque strokes of color, analogous to the way he paints in traditional media.

Santat’s site includes a blog, portfolio and a list of books he has authored or contributed to.

There is an interview with him on Diskursdisko.

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  1. Love the work. And as an illustrator who has migrated over to Photoshop from the real world of paint and pen, I really enjoy seeing the creations others make using the same tool.

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