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DinoMixer Reviewed on Wired’s GeekDad

DinoMixer kids dinosaur app reviewed on Wired's GeekDad
I don’t often talk about my own work here on Lines and Colors, but every once and a while there’s something interesting enough to mention.

I was particularly pleased when I learned that my dinosaur mix and match iPhone app DinoMixer was given a very nice review this morning on Wired.

The review, Build Your Own Dinosaurs With DinoMixer, is by Jonathan Liu and is on Wired’s GeekDad blog. GeekDad is a fascinating and always well written blog about technology, science and related topics, ostensibly aimed at parents, but really of interest to anyone who still has a inner child (grin).

DinoMixer is an iPhone app for which I created the concept, art and design, and partnered with Leon Stankowski of Mobomia, who did the programming.

I wrote a previous article about my experience creating art for the app: DinoMixer: on creating art for an iPhone app, and I’ve since created the design and illustration for another iPhone app called MonsterMixer.

There is a web site for DinoMixer here. You can also see some of the DinoMixer illustrations on my CafePress T-shirt store for Dinosaur Cartoons. I’ll soon be adding them to a similar Zazzle T-shirt store for Dinosaur Cartoons (and perhaps be reporting on the relative value of each).

The GeekDad review was nice not only for the positive comments, but for the helpful suggestions (like adding an audio pronunciation of the dinosaur names). Creating something like an iPhone app is in many ways similar to the creation of an individual illustration or other artwork, a process of learning and refinement, constantly striving to get better.

But, also like illustration and other art, it’s nice when you get some positive feedback.


3 responses to “DinoMixer Reviewed on Wired’s GeekDad”

  1. Charley,
    These are neat!
    I recall reading your post on the creation process, but not paying much attention.
    After reading the review, specially the first comment and reply, I agree: it’s a nice app for the kids for the price it’s charged at the app store.
    Very well done!

    1. Thanks, Claudio!

      Other readers can view Claudio Saes portfolio of work in a variety of media here.

  2. Charley,
    Thanks a lot for the link.
    Best Regards,