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Jeremy Enecio

Jeremy Enecio
Born in the Philippines, Jeremy Enecio came to the U.S. when he was four, grew up in Maryland and studied at the Maryland Institute College of Art. He later attended the Illustration Academy program in Florida on a full scholarship from the Society of Illustrators.

He currently works as a concept artist at Big Huge Games/38 Studios.

His online portfolio appears to focus mostly on illustration and personal sketches. His paintings vary from oil and acrylic works with a painterly, textural handling reminiscent of artists like Jon Foster and Gregory Manchess, to drawing-like images with rendered areas contained by outlines that are often done digitally. He doesn’t list materials for his sketches, but many look like charcoal or the digital equivalent.

Enecio also maintains a blog on which you will find preliminary versions and bigger images of many of the works in his portfolio, as well as additional images.


4 responses to “Jeremy Enecio”

  1. What an intriguing and inspiring artist. I never heard of him, thanks for the post

  2. I love Jeremy Enecio. I forget where I first saw his work (I think maybe from a Maryland Institute College of Art catalog), but I remember it’s always stuck with me. I wish he’d update his blog more often

  3. talk about talent! very inspiring work.. he has a bright future.