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Emmanuel Malin
Line, color and texture combine and interact in the painting/drawings of Emmanuel Malin, at times interwoven, as other times working in contrast.

Mixtures of detailed linework and decorative pattern are set off against open areas filled with texture, often the rough texture of papers and other surfaces. Color can appear or disappear, at the artist’s whim, leaving some passages to stand as line drawings, others to appear more fully rendered.

Malin lets loose, gestural areas of color define large areas of his compositions, with more detailed areas of line serving as a focus for his subjects.

Malin is an illustrator and gallery artist living in Paris. His illustration clients include Folio, La Recherche, Brandweek, ImagineFX and Gallimard Editions. His work has appeared in several of the Spectrum collections of contemporary fantastic art.


3 responses to “Emmanuel Malin”

  1. shiroite Avatar

    J’ai jeté un coup d’œil sur tes œuvres et je peux te dire que j’aime beaucoup , très réaliste , et tu as un bon sens des couleurs et des détails .

  2. Wonderful textures and marvelous melange of European and Asian styles.

  3. Nice artwork again Charley. I love watching your artworks. keep posting.