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Florian Satzinger

Florian Satzinger
Austrian production and character designer Florian Satzinger has a drawing style with a snap and verve that harken back to the best of classic Disney and mid 20th Century Warner Brothers animation.

The lines with which he delineates his characters zing, bounce and swoop so delightfully that they suggest lively motion even before they’re animated.

Satzinger is the co-founder of Satzinger & Hardenberg Features, and the creator of Star Ducks and Toby Skybuckle.

He studied with Ken Southworth, a well regarded animator and animation director who worked with Disney, Haanna-Barberra, Warner Brothers, MGM Walter Lance and Filmation. Southworth’s credits include Disney’s original Alice in Wonderland and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Hanna Barbara’s The Flintstones and Space Ghost.

Satzinger credits Southworth as his major influence, and his work in the style of great classic hand-drawn animation shows his continuation of that tradition.

There is an interview with Satzinger on the Character Design Blog.

In addition to his character design and production work, Satzinger teaches character design, animation and animation history at the University of the Applied Sciences in Salzburg.


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  1. crazytoons Avatar

    Florian is a great talent and a rising star!

  2. got inspired by see ur works…. its a treat seeing all this works