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Dan Hillier

Dan Hiller
Dan Hillier is a UK artist working in the tradition of Max Ernst’s Surrealist collage (see my post on A Week of Kindness, also here).

Using similar source material from reproductions of Victorian engravings, Hillier combines various images, and unlike Earnst, adds some pen and ink modifications of his own, to create disconcerting, horror-tinged images.

There is a gallery of his “altered engravings” on his site, along with pen and ink drawings and other works. Hiller also has a blog in which he posts about his most recent work, including the piece above, bottom, which is a still from an upcoming animation in collaboration with Tom Werber for an indie single by Losers.

An interesting aspect of Hillier’s work is showcased in a blog post about a number of people who have chosen Hillier’s images as subjects for tattoos.

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  1. I think his name is Dan Hillier, not Hiller. 🙂

    1. Thanks, corrected. Typos are like viruses, they reproduce themselves.

  2. hi,
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