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Thom Tenery
If you look at enough concept art, particularly within the gaming industry, much of it can come to feel repetitive and even formulaic; which why I was so pleased to discover the concept art of Thom Tenery, which is delightfully imaginative, unique and wonderfully realized.

Tenery studied Architecture at the University of Texas, Austin, and worked designing architecture and interiors for a number of years.

He studied illustration and concept design at the Art Center College of Design, and moved into that field. His work is included in the book, In the Future…: Entertainment Design at Art Center College of Design.

Tenery has done work for companies like Sony Entertainment, Propaganda Games and Spacetime Studios; and is currently Senior Concept Artist at ID Software.

His web site has a long, single page gallery of concept art from various projects; which are not identified. His sketchblog, lab luna, has additional concept images, plus sketches, speedpaintings and plein air paintings in gouache.

There is also a gallery on the site, and an interview with Tenery conducted by Irene Gallo.

Tenery is featured prominently and is co-author of the new book Alien Race: Visual Development of an Intergalactic Adventure.



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  1. I love this art!

  2. Thom is brilliant.