Art Inconnu

Art Inconnu: George Lambert, Tavik Frantisek Simon, Stanislaw Kamocki
Art Inconnu is a terrific blog that has been going since January of 2008, but one that I have been unaware of until recently.

“Inconnu” is a word meaning a stranger or unknown person. Maintained by an anonymous “Curator”, Art Inconnu is devoted to “little-known and under-appreciated art”, sometimes obscure, sometimes just artists who seldom receive the spotlight.

The blog focuses primarily on 19th and 20th Century European paintings, but occasionally ventures further back. There is a nice mix of styles. Though the Curator’s tastes lean further into 20th Century modernism than mine, there were many artists of interest as I thumbed through a few pages.

There are occasionally articles accompanying the posts, though many are simply a collection of images by the artist, but most include titles of the individual works and dates of the artist’s life.

There are also collections available from the right sidebar, in which the Curator has assembled works by several lesser-known artists on a particular theme.

(Images above, with links to the Art Inconnu posts: George Lambert, Tavik Frantisek Simon and Stanislaw Kamocki)


8 Replies to “Art Inconnu”

  1. Great post, and finding!
    Thank you.
    Just a little clarification: landscape shown here is by Jan Stanis?awski, not Kamocki.
    Being Polish, and an artist I recognize his paintings on the spot.
    Actually it has a signature in lower right corner. ;)

  2. Hi. I live in Montreal and am fluent in French. Art inconnu translates as “unknown art”as in art that is not known by many people. For it to mean by unknown artists, it would have to be “art par les inconnus.” I guess it amounts to the same thing, though. But it might help you if you bump into the word again in another context. So I hope you will regard this as a clarification rather than a correction. I love your blog, by the way.

  3. Actually first paragraph says about Kamocki: ” The greatest influence on his work however was the Ukrainian born Jan Stanislawski, a competent landscape painter”. :)
    They were two persons. Stanis?awski was really great painter and very colorful person, and no wonder he influenced Kamocki.
    First three pictures on the blog, are by Stanis?awski, and then there are paintings by Kamocki.
    Obviously Stanis?awski’s paintings serve as a relative point, for comaparison, which is held in following paragraphs.
    Anyway, again thank you for this link. It’s in my blog roll now.
    And thank you for your blog, which is my daily dose of inspiration.

  4. Just a note to the commenter above. I will allow advertising links like these, even for unrelated subjects, as long as it’s obvious that the comment was added by an individual and not a robot, and the comment is relevant to the post.

    You should be aware, however, that all links in comments on blogs published on WordPress are automatically ignored by Google.

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